Here’s One Simple Trick That Might Surprise You. Or something like that. An easy thing to do, but absolutely invaluable to me when I’m writing:

Read your words out loud. If you stumble, rewrite them.

I use this all the time, and it makes a huge difference to my work!

A one-page tabletop RPG

I had a bit of time this weekend, so put together a one-page tabletop RPG in which you are a cadet in the King’s Musketeers, as a sort of companion piece to our larp All for One.

It’s mostly an exercise in trying to make mechanics feel fast, loose, and a bit like gambling.

You can download it for free over here.

All for One. Courtesy of Tom Garnett

Lightweight collaborative character creation for larp

This is a method for generating larp characters that we’ve developed at Crooked House over a couple of decades to address issues we were having with our own events and in attending others. I go into the reasons for some of these design decisions in this article. It supports a…

God Rest Ye Merry — in-game photo

It’s common to conflate immersion with realism, certainly in larp. To think that players aren’t fully immersed in an experience if there’s something which will break the reality of it.

In larp, this often materialises as having to make sure props are convincing and authentic, or you ruin the player’s…

“Cut!” From All for One. Photo by Tom Garnett.

Throwing out realism so we can have more fun

Cinedrama is a larp playstyle. It’s a cinematic way of thinking about larp that we first came up with for the Crooked House event Captain Dick Britton and the Voice of the Seraph back in 2005, in which Heroes have a capital H. …

Ian Thomas

Ian is a narrative designer and writer of games, films, larp, and books. He is Narrative Director at Ubisoft Stockholm. He is co-founder of Talespinners.

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